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Tibri Aug 24 127

The Pieters Family has been breeding and raising young horses for generations.

For the past 19 years, Aster has been crossing the top bloodlines of Europe including Bergraaff, Berlin, Corland, Clinton and Chacco Blue. His products have earned many top placings in European young horse competitions. He has combined this knowledge with consistent, hands-on ground handling of his young horses.

Aster is available, in Rhode Island, for ground work and breaking of your young horse. Contact Aster at or 802.503.5798.



Wens Tibri – Elite Belgian Mare by Burgraaf x. Damocles

Izzy by O’Mally

Izasha by Damocles x. Voltaire



Imagine Tibri Bay Stallion born 2008 by J’Ah’s Diamond x. Burgraaf

Chief Tibri Grey stallion born 2009 by Corland x. Berlin

Stallion born 2010 by Eldorado v/d zeshoek x. Damocles

Stallion born 2010 by Canturano x. O’Mally

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